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WorléeAdd 340

W´Add 340 is a low viscous nonionic special modified silicone polyether for improving substrate wetting of aqueous systems also on difficult substrates.

W´Add 340 greatly improves the wetting of water borne coatings and inks on difficult substrates (low surface energy). For example, it has been shown a significant improvement of wetting using water borne coatings including inks on critical substances, like polyethylene, polypropylene etc.. This mostly allows a replacement of organic co-solvents used to effect good wetting and gives improved printing or coating characteristics.

Further applications fields are aqueous primers, fillers and top coats of different composition, oven and air drying, including 2 component PUR systems. The addition of W´Add 340 does – normally – not influence negatively the recoatability.

Technical Data
clear to slight hazy, yellow coloured fluid
Active substance
Viscosity, 20 °C, ball 3, DIN 53015
55 – 85 mPa·s
Flash point, DIN EN 22719
> 100 °C

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