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Special-Primer AP 1030

Special-Primer AP 1030

Special-Primer AP 1030 has been developed as adhesion promoter for thermoplastic elastomers, EPDM-rubber and untreated polyolefins.

Special-Primer AP 1030 is widely used to solve adhesion problems to flexible substrates like thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic polyurethane and EPDM (e.g. "Vistalon" from Exxon, "Nordel" from DuPont). After coating with a thin film of Special-Primer AP 1030, these flexible substrates can be painted, printed, glued or labelled. Special-Primer AP 1030 is tinted white for black substrates.

Special-Primer AP 1030 must be thoroughly stirred or shaken before use. The substrates to be treated, must be cleaned with benzine or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Application is uncomplicated, and the primer may be applied with a uniform wet spray coat, using either conventional spray or airless spray. Dip or roller application may also be utilized. Stoving is not necessary. The physical drying takes place after 3 - 4 minutes.

Painting, printing, gluing or labelling can follow immediately or even months later. Drying time can be shortened by using heat treatment. It should be noted that after any lengthy storage, a substrate treated with Special-Primer AP 1030 may need cleaning before any further coating can be applied.

Technical Data
milky, low viscous liquid
Non volatile content, 1h/105 °C, DIN EN ISO 3251
4.0% ± 0.3
Flash point, DIN EN 2719
approx. 25 °C
Delivery form
4% in xylene (ready for application)

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