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WorléeKyd SD 6403

WorléeKyd SD 6403

W´Kyd SD 6403 is an urethane modified long oil type alkyd resin, mainly for the manufacture of interior and exterior wood varnishes for floors, furniture, panellings and yacht finishes. It is also recommended as a binder for high quality fast drying primers and topcoats with good gloss and gloss retention.

W´Kyd SD 6403 is mainly recommended as the only binder or in combination with long oil alkyd resins for wood varnishes and parquet sealers.

Due to the good compatibility with most of long oil type alkyd resins, W´Kyd S 6003 can also be used as a combination resin reducing the drying time and increasing the hardness and the resistance properties.

Varnishes based on W´Kyd SD 6403 are fast drying with a high degree of hardness, abrasion and outdoor resistance.

When paints or lacquers based on W´Kyd SD 6403 are applied by conventional or airless spray, only water irrigated spraying cabinets are recommended as the spraying dust tends to self-ignition if it is dry.

Technical Data
Oil content
approx. 64%
Non volatile content, 1 h, 125 °C, DIN EN ISO 3251
55% ± 1
Oil type
special fatty acids
Content of phthalic anhydride
approx. 12%
Colour, Gardner, delivery form, DIN ISO 4630
max. 6
Acid value, on solids, DIN EN ISO 3682
max. 10
Flow time, 20 °C, 45% in dearomatized hydrocarbons 160 - 200, DIN 53211-4
55 - 80 sec
Delivery form
55% in dearomatized HC 160 - 200

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