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Ford Cup - ASTM D 1200

TQC Viscosity Flow Cups ASTM D1200 - Ford Cup

Laboratory Type Ford Cups - FB10

The TQC ASTM D 1200 Ford Cup consist of a wide range viscosity cups to measure the viscosity of paint, lacquers and other fluids. Very precize, with fixed stainless steel nozzle. The TQC Viscosity Cup ASTM D 1200 is available in titanium anodized aluminium and stainless steel.

Widely used in laboratory, to be used with stand. Ford Cups are described in ASTM D 1200 in 5 different types No.1,2,3,4,5 with 2,1mm to 5,8mm nozzles. Ford cups with 4mm is probably a misunderstanding either for Ford No.4 or DIN 4mm flow cups.

Produced in the Netherlands

Order ID
Made of
Nozzle Diameter
Anodised Aluminium
No.1 - 1,9mm
Anodised Aluminium
No.2 - 2,53mm
Anodised Aluminium
No.3 - 3,4mm
Anodised Aluminium
No.4 - 4,1mm
Anodised Aluminium
No.5 - 5,2mm

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