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Flow Cup Accessories

TQC Flow Cup Accessories

Stands, Temperature control Stands, Stopwatch and Viscosity Conversion Disc

TQC offers various accessories for the viscosity flow cups. The TQC Ring Stand for Viscosity Cup is a ring stand made of galvanized steel, suitable for all TQC Viscosity Cups according DIN, ISO and ASTM is an easy and economic solution for lab type cups. For more accurate measurements The TQC Tripod Stand is recommended which is easy to level with the adjustable feet of the unit and the built-in spirit level. The ring is made of stainless steel, the legs are made of stainless steel and the feet PVC. Tripod Stand is suitable for all DIN, ISO and ASTM viscosity beakers.

For the samples which are sensitive to temperature variations, The TQC Temperature Control Jacket is ideal with its double jacketed casing of anodised aluminium with built-in spirit level to bring the viscosity beaker to the required temperature with cooled and heated liquids. Supplied with glass plate and tube connection.

Simple yet accurate digital TQC stopwatch, resolution to 1/100th of a second. Split times, built-in alarm. Clear display with large digits. Ultra flat and robust water- and shock proof design, complete with carrying cord. Indispensable for viscosity measurements.

The TQC Viscosity Calculator is an indicative conversion table relating viscosity (in Cst) to flow time of different cups. Printed on the front is the No.4 complying with BS-NF-ASTM-Din and Zahn 2, on the back ISO no.’s 3-4-5-6 and Zahn 3 as well as the Gardner viscosimeter.

Order Id
TQC Ring Stand for Viscosity Flow Cups
TQC Tripod Stand for Viscosity Flow Cups
TQC Double Wall Attemperation Tank with Tripod Stand for Viscosity Flow Cups
TQC VDouble Wall Attemperation Tank with Tripod Stand for Viscosity Flow Cups
Flotal Glass plate GP20 for flooding of the flow cups
TQC Digital Stopwatch
TQC Viscosity Conversion Disk

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