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OTA2000 - Wet Scrub & Cleanability Tester

Washability and Scrub Resistance Tester

KAR OTA-2000

OTA2000 has been desinged and produced by KAR KIMYA for testing the wet abrasion resistance of decorative paints. OTA2000 has been designed for testing according to ISO 11998 and also available with tools acc. to ASTM D 2486.

In order to have a steady motion, OTA2000 is equipped with a brushless DC motor with gearhead. Number of the strokes is counted by a proximity switched and a digital counter. Counter device stops the test when the number of strokes reaches the preset value. Counter also has a total counting mode.

Double brush/pad system allows to make 2 paralel test in one Leneta Test Card. You can either test 2 different coating for comparison or make a cleanability test in one track while testing scrub resistance in the other one, at the same time.

Consumables like test cards,pads, brushes and solutions are also available.

Ready to use

OTA-2000 includes the necessary consumables like scrub test charts, related scrub chemicals, and abresive scrub pads acc. to ISO 11998

2 tests in 1 Test Chart

With double brush/pad design, OTA2000 allows to test 2 different samples on single scrub test chart and reduces costs for the consumables.

Conforms Standards

KAR OTA-2000
designed and produced acc. to EN ISO 11998 & ASTM D2486

Order Id
OTA 2000 - Scrub Resistance Tester Acc. to TS EN ISO 11998
incl. 100 pcs P121-10N black scrub test panel, 40 pcs abrasive scrub pad acc. to EN ISO 11998, 25g Dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid, Sodium Salt (tech. grade)
OTA-2000, ASTM D 2486 Upgrade kit: 2 pcs special nylon brush with weights acc. to standard, extra brush holder, Leneta SC-2 Scrub Media
P121-10N 432x165mm Black PVC scrub test panel (100 pcs)
Leneta SC-2 Scrub Solution (acc. to ASTM D 2486) Abresive Type (473mL)
Spare nylon brush acc to ASTM D 2486
3M Scotch Brite® handpads, No. 7448, Type S, Grade UFN, grey scrub pad acc. to EN ISO 11998(40 pcs)
Sodium n-dodecylbenzenesulfonate (tech. grade)(25g), for ISO 11998
TQC Double Reservoir Quadruplex Film Applicator
2 x 60mm reservoir, each with 4 gaps: 100/200/300/400µm (special for 165mm wide scrub test card)

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