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WorléeAdd 486

WorléeAdd 486

W´Add 486 is a special polyester resin to improve the adhesion of solvent-based air drying, stoving and 2 component PUR-systems.

The addition of W´Add 486 improves clearly the adhesion on different substrates, for example metals, melamine resin coated chipboards, etc. Also the elasticity of paint systems can be improved by W´Add 486.

To improve adhesion W´Add 486 is stirred into the paint during production or afterwards added to the finished product. The usual dosage is between 1 - 3% calculated on the total formulation. To optimize the dosage, a serial investigation is recommended. W´Add 486 is heat resistant up to 180 °C

Technical Data
colourless - light yellow liquid
Hydroxyl content, calculated on solids
1.8% ± 0.2
Non volatile content, 1h/125 °C, DIN EN ISO 3251
75% ± 1.5
Flow time, 20 °C, delivery form, DIN 53211-4
200 - 300 s

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