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WorléeAdd 410 N

WorléeAdd 410 N

W´Add 410 N is a special viscosity stabilizer and anti-gelling agent for solvent based air drying and stoving paints.

W´Add 410 N can be added to the ready paint. The concentration may vary from 0.5 - 2% calculated on total formulation. For each formulation an individual laboratory test is required to determine the optimum concentration of the additive.

W´Add 410 N stabilizes the viscosity and overcomes gelling of systems drying by oxidation or highly reactive alkyd / melamine stoving paints. The viscosity rise is retarded by the use of W´Add 410 N. By adding W´Add 410 N a correction of a gelled material is often possible.Due to the good pigment wetting properties, flocculation and sedimentation can be reduced also with W´Add 410 N. It is also reducing skin forming in air drying paints. W´Add 410 N also acts as gelling agent when added 7% to bentonite pastes.

Technical Data
clear / slightly turbid, yellowish, low viscous liquid
Density, 20 °C, DIN EN ISO 2811-1
approx. 0.90 g/cm³
Flash point, DIN EN ISO 2719
34 °C
soluble with
aromates, aliphates, ketones and alcohols

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