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WorléeSol E 330 W

WorléeSol E 330 W

W´Sol E 330 W is a short oil modified PU alkyd emulsion for the manufacture of airdrying water thinnable paint systems.

W´Sol E 330 W is mainly used for the production of water thinnable anticorrosive primers and high gloss pigmented topcoats with good gloss stability and extremely low VOC. Due to the fast physical and oxidative drying properties siccatives are not always necessary. /p}

If a better crosslinking is required the use of a drier like Octa-Soligen Co 7 aqua is recommendable. W´Sol E 330 W is shear stable.

Recommended Storage and Transport Conditions: 5 to 25 °C. Protect against freezing and avoid direct sunlight.

Technical Data
Non volatile content, 1h/125 °C, DIN EN ISO 3251
42% ± 2
Oil content
approx. 33%
Acid value, on solids, DIN EN ISO 3682
pH-value, DIN ISO 976
Viscosity (20 °C), Brookfield, spindle 4/20 rpm, DIN EN ISO 2555
50 - 10,000 mPa⋅s
Density, 20 °C, DIN EN ISO 2811-1
1.046 g/cm³
Delivery form
42% in water
Clear, opaque

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