Worlée Sol 85 A

WorléeSol 85 A

W´Sol 85 A is an especially modified water thinnable alkyd resin for stoving systems.

W´Sol 85 A is especially suitable for the manufacture of water thinnable stoving systems like primers, automotive fillers, clear and top coats. The delivery form, only 5.5% cosolvent, allows formulations with a total solvent content of < 5%. As reactive partners for the curing range 140-180 °C methylated melamine resin like Cymel 303 (Cyanamid) and Maprenal MF 904 (BASF) have proved to be suitable. For the low curing range 120 - 140 °C we recommend to use also reactive melamine resins like Cymel 327 (Cyanamid), Residrol WM 501 (Hoechst) or similar.

Recommended Storage and Transport Conditions: 2 to 25 °C. Protect from freeze and avoid from direct sunlight.

Technical Data
Non volatile content, 1h/125 °C, DIN EN ISO 3251
43% ± 1
clear - slight opaque
Viscosity, 20 °C, Brookfield, DIN EN ISO 2555
6,000 - 20,000 mPaּs
pH-value, 40% solution in water, DIN ISO 976
Colour, Gardner, DIN ISO 4630
max. 10
Density, 20 °C, DIN EN ISO 2811-1
approx. 1.06 g/cm³
Delivery form
43% in water / butyl glycol

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