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WorléeKyd SM 400

WorléeKyd SM 400

W´Kyd SM 400 is a short oil very fast drying alkyd resin based on vegetable fatty acids for the manufacture of air drying and stoving primers and finishes.

W´Kyd SM 400 is a general purpose alkyd resin with very good drying properties for primers and top coats. Particular is the excellent gloss retention also with critical pigments. Due to the reasonable compatibility with physically drying binders, e.g. vinyl mix polymerisates (Laroflex, BASF), special paint systems can be produced with SM 400.In combination with reactive urea resins in the ratio of 7:3 to 6:4, or melamine resins in the ratio of approx. 80:20, very fast curing stoving paints for stoving conditions 100-130 °C can be formulated.

W´Kyd SM 400 is compatible with most short oil and some medium oil length alkyd resins. It is also compatible with some physically drying binders, e.g. vinyl mix polymerisates (e.g. Laroflex, BASF) and chlorinated rubber (e.g. Pergut, Bayer) W´Kyd SM 400 is also compatible with the most usual butylated and isobutylated urea and melamine resins as well as with resin esters, maleic resins and modified phenolic resins.

Technical Data
Content of phthalic anhydride
approx. 30%
Oil content
approx. 34%
Colour, 50% in dearomat. HC 140-165, DIN ISO 4630, Gardner
max. 10
Acid value, on solids, DIN EN ISO 3682
max. 20
Flow time, 20 °C, 50% in xylene, DIN 53211-4
90-110 s
Delivery form
60% in xylene

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