Worlée Kyd AC 2550, AC 2551

W´Kyd AC 2550, AC 2551

Acrylated alkyd resin for extremely fast drying primers and top coats.

W´Kyd AC 2550 is compatible with some short and medium oil length drying alkyds. Further compatibility tests are still under examination.

W´Kyd AC 2550 is soluble in all usual solvents.

W´Kyd AC 2550 is mainly recommended for very fast drying primers and top coats.

Technical Data
Content of phthalic anhydrid
approx. 17%
Oil content
approx. 25%
Oil type
drying vegetable fatty acids
Non volatile content, DIN EN ISO 3251
60% ± 1
Colour, 50% in dearomat. HC 140-165, DIN ISO 4630, Gardner
max. 5
Acid value, on solids, DIN EN ISO 3682
max. 10
Degree of acrylation
approx. 50%
Flow time, 20 °C, 50% in dearomat. HC 140-165, DIN 53211-4
200 - 260 s
Delivery form
60% in dearomat. HC 140-165

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