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Resiflow PV 5

Resiflow PV 5 is a white, free flowing powder specifically developed as a flow and levelling control agent to correct surface imperfections in powder coating and injection molding systems.

Resiflow PV 5 is recommended as a flow promoting agent for powder coating and injection molding compositions based on acrylic, epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins. Resiflow PV 5 is also suitable for hybrid systems and polyester/glycoluril powder coatings. As a free-flowing powder, Resiflow PV 5 is easily incorporated into powder coating formulations by the standard dry blending operation.

The compatibility with powder coatings containing different flow control additives could be critical. We suggest trials prior to its use on a production scale.

Technical Data
white powder
Non volatile content, 2h/105 °C, DIN EN ISO 787-2
min. 98%
66 - 68%

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