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WorléePol 1181/03

WorléePol 1181/03

W´Pol 1181/03 is a saturated, low viscous polyester resins for the modification of solvent based and aqueous systems showing high elasticity, surface hardness and resistance to chemicals.

Due to its wide compatibility W´Pol 1181/03 can be used in various systems. Normally this polyester resin is used as a modifying component for isocyanate- and amino crosslinking coatings for solvent based as well as for aqueous systems. In corresponding combinations the use of W´Pol 1181/03 improves the flexibility considerably. Often adhesion and gloss are increased at the same time. Very good chemical and mechanical resistance properties are achieved due to the high OH-content which result in a high crosslinking compactness.

In aqueous 2 component PUR systems W´Pol 1181/03 is often combined with polyurethane dispersions which improves the quality considerably even regarding chemical and mechanical resistance.

The recommended addition rate is between 2 - 8% calculated on total formulation.

Technical Data
Colour, Gardner, DIN ISO 4630
max. 1
OH number (mg KOH/ g), according to DIN 53240-2
310 - 350
Density, 20 °C, DIN EN ISO 2811-1
approx.1.1 g/cm³
Viscosity, Rheometer, 25 °C, C 35/1°, 100 s-1
1,700 - 2,700 mPa·s
Delivery form
solvent free

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