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Formaldehyde free pigment dispersion with high viscosity, having very fine particles, suitable for water base ball points pen inks, gel inks, other waterbased inks.

SINLOIHI COLOR SF-8000 Series is a water-based fluorescent sub-micron pigment, come with formaldehyde free. SF-8000 Series provides excellent color brilliancy, strength and light-fastness when used for water-based fluorescent ink like gel ink. Because this series contains fluorescent pigment as small as 0.4μm particle size and has high solid (50%). SF-8000 Series pigment is well dispersed and stable with sedimentation in ink formulations prevented through increased ink viscosity.

The use of SF-8000 Series is not limited to the water-based fluorescent ink. It can be used for wide range of applications where water-based fluorescent sub-micron pigment is required.

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