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WorléeCryl A 2335

WorléeCryl A 2335

W´Cryl A 2335 is an acrylic resin which can be crosslinked with polyisocyanates.

W´Cryl A 2335 is an acrylic copolymer for the formulation of high quality air- and forced drying top- and clear-coats.

In clear-coats the use of UV-stabilizers is recommended. W´Cryl A 2335 is very good compatible with the usual stabilizers.

For W´Cryl A 2335 a wide range of application is given, especially for the coating of industrial and construction machines. The acrylic resin shows an excellent drying, throughdrying and high gloss. A good adhesion on steel is achieved by crosslinking with aliphatic isocyanates.

Technical Data
Non volatile content, 1h/125 °C, DIN EN ISO 3251
60% ± 1
Viscosity, Brookfield, 20 °C, delivery form, DIN EN ISO 2555
4,000 - 6,000 mPa·s
Hydroxyl content, on solids
Glass transition temperature (Tg)
Colour, Gardner, delivery form, DIN ISO 4630
< 1
Acid value, on solids, DIN EN ISO 3682
10 - 16 mg/KOH
Delivery form
60% in xylene/ n-butyl acetate/ Solvesso 100(2/1/1)

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