Permeability Cup

TQC Permeability Cups

Special Cups for determining the water-vapour transmission of paints

Permeability cups for determining the water-vapour transmission of paints, varnishes, coatings, coating systems and related products. The Permeability cup consists of a cup, seal ring and cover ring. The seal ring is designed to prevent turning when closing the cover.

The Permeability cup is suitable for testing both self-supporting coating and non-self-supporting coatings. Water-vapour transmission is of interest for high humidity conditions. The wet cup method is thus the reference method for determining water-vapour transmission, if agreed up on otherwise, other procedures or conditions the dry cup method may be used.

Produced in the Netherlands.


TS EN ISO 7783 , ASTM D1653, ASTM E95

Order Id
TQC Permeability Cup 10cm2
TQC Permeability Cup 25cm2

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