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Taber Shear / Scratch Tester

Taber Shear / Scratch Tester

Tester to evaluate resistance to shearing, scratching, gouging, marring, scraping and engraving on a variety of flat, rigid specimens

Taber Shear / Scratch Tester is a motorised instrument for testing the resistance to scratching of materials. A sample plate rotates while a conical diamond point is pressed on the sample plate. The relation between the depth of the scratch and the applied (pre-set) pressure indicates the hardness.

Complies with virtually all relevant international standards such as Normen:
ASTM C217 / C217M • DIN 53 799 • DIN 66 861-4 • EN 438-2 • EN 13310 • EN 14323 • EN 14565 • EN 14688 • 0096Z-SEC-A000 (Honda) • 7710Z-SCC-9000 (Honda) • ISO 4586-2 • ISO 15695 • JIS K 6902 • Terrazzo 90322-9E-1 • TSL 2105G (Toyota) • TSL 3610G (Toyota) • UNI 9428

Order Id
Model 551, Taber Shear / Scratch Tester - 5 rpm (230V,50 Hz), incl.:
• Scale Beam with two Calibrated Weights (500 gram ea.)
• Protective Case for Scale Beam
• Conical Diamond Tool (139-55)
• Contour Shear Tool (S-20)
• Diamond Standardization Plates (pkg. 2)
• Spirit Bubble Level
• Measuring 10x Magnifier
• Hex Wrench
• Operating Instructions
Scale Beam Height Extension Kit for Model 550/551 – for testing specimens up to 40 mm [includes scale beam adaptor; stud extension and nut; set of 2 shim plates]
Conical Diamond Tool with 90°, 3 mil (.003”) radius point
Conical Diamond Tool with 60°, 0.3 mm radius point
Conical Diamond Tool with 120°, 200 µm radius point
Diamond Scratch Tool (cutting edge is the converging point from three sides and edges of a cube)
Tungsten Carbide Scratch Tip with 60°, 0.25 mm diam. point
Carbide Scratch Tip with 45°, 0.25 mm radius point per EN 14565
Scratch Tip, 1.0 mm diameter hemisphere (ea.) {requires scale beam height extension kit}
S-20 Contour Shear Tool, Tungsten Carbide
S-20-3 Carbide Tool – similar to S-20 Contour Shear Tool but w/ no radius (meets Honda requirements)
S-20-4 Carbide Tool – similar to S-20 Tool but with R2.6 mm
Shear / Scratch Tester Scale Beam Calibration Verification Fixture
Diamond Standardization Plates – PMMA, vacuum predried and sealed (pkg. 2)
Scale Beam Fixed Weight (provides 1000 – 1500g load)
Scale Beam Fixed Weight (provides 15N load)
Scale Beam Modified Weight Set (converts scale to 0 – 50 gram range)

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