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Wet Film Thickness Comb

Wet Film Thickness Comb


The TQC Wet Film Thickness Gauge WG is a hexagonal/octagonal precision measuring comb made of heavy stainless steel. The high-grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or base elements. Models available for several different applications.

TQC Wet Film Comb also available made of plastic, to measure wet film thickness between 25 and 900µm. The TQC Wet Film Comb is designed as a disposable thickness gauge. It can be kept as a record of wet film thickness measurement for ISO or customer requirements. One side of the comb measures the wet film thickness in µm (30 steps between 25 and 900µm)., the other side measures in mills (30 steps between 1 and 35 mils)

Rectangular promotion measuring comb with a range of 25 to 2032 µm. Made of top-quality, weather-resistant aluminum. Special printing possible with larger orders.

Order Id
TQC Wet Film Thickness Gauge WG-1
stainless steel 20-370 µm in 24 steps (6x4)
for decorative paints and primers.
TQC Wet Film Thickness Gauge WG-2
stainless steel 25-2000 µm in 36 steps (6x6) With edge radius check (2mm)
for protective coatings and high solids.
TQC Wet Film Thickness Gauge WG-3
stainless steel 50-10000 µm in 72 steps (8x9)
for extremely thick films such as floor coatings, fillers, fire proofing, plaster, adhesives etc.
TQC Plastic Wet Film Comb, 500 pieces
25-900µm in 30 steps; 1-35 mils
TQC Plastic Wet Film Comb, 50 pieces
25-900µm in 30 steps; 1-35 mils
TQC Aluminium measuring comb, 25-2000 µm in 30 steps
TQC INOX High Precision Wet Film Thickness Gauge 4-60 mils in 16 steps (4x4)
USA model, measures any type of wet film like paint, adhesives, coatings, lacquers, enamels on a smooth substrate.

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