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Rotary Coater

Rk Rotary Koater

Pilot Scale Printing Machine

Designed to print, coat or laminate almost all types of flexible webs such as papers, films and metallic foils, on a reel to reel basis. This machine is very versatile, with the customer choosing the base unit, and individual printing or coating techniques and drying equipment or other accessories required. This is particularly useful for R & D, quality control and for small scale production for a low volume of a specialised product. All materials used are easily cleaned and resistant to solvents.

  • Versatile and easy to install.
  • Coating and printing systems easily interchangeable.
  • Offers hot air, infra red and ultra violet drying/curing.
  • Web widths up to 305mm, with a speed range of 0,4 to 100 metres per minute.

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