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Paste Ink Proofer

Paste Ink Proofer (PIP)

Proofing Instrument for High Viscosity Inks

The RK instrument for quick, repeatable and highly accurate proofing and colour-matching of all types of litho, web-offset, letterpress inks and varnishes. The Paste Ink Proofer is unique in featuring automated operation, eliminating the need to weigh or measure ink samples.

  • Accurate proofs produced in a single operation.
  • No messy weighing or measuring of inks, unlike other proofers.
  • Two inks may be proofed simultaneously for comparison.
  • Complete inking/proofing/cleaning cycle only 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Multiple proofs easily obtained using any substrate.
  • Reduces press down-time.
Order Id
Paste Ink Proofer System
PIP Inking roller Light ~1,8
PIP Inking roller Medium ~1,9
PIP Inking roller Dark ~2,0
PIP Standard Inking Roller 3 bands Light/Medium/Dark
PIP Transfer roller PVN 70 shore
400 sheets PIP Proofing Card
PIP Doctor Blades - set of 5

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