Dual Reservoir 4-Sided Film Applicator

TQC Dual Reservoir 4 Sided Film Applicator

Special film applicator designed for scrub and washability tests

Special 4-gap Stainless Steel applicator with double reservoir each with 4 different values. This TQC applicator allows the user two apply 2 layers of coating simultaneously with the same thickness. Ideally for use in combination with the Automatic Film Applicators and Abrasion- & Scrub testers.

Produced in the Netherlands

Related Standards:
ASTM D 3022, ASTM D 823, TS39, TS 5808, TS ISO 11998

High Quality

TQC Dual-Quadruplex Film Applicators are produced out of single part high quality extra hard stainless steel. It has a high resistance against different chemicals and it is easy to clean.

Single Chart, 2 films

TQC Dual- Quadruplex Film Applicator is capable of applying 2 different samples on a single charts to reduce the consumable costs and also to save time..

Calibration Certificate

All TQC Film Applicators has an unique serial number and comes with a traceable calibration certificate.

Order Id
TQC Quadruplex applicator, 2 x 60mm reservoir, each with 4 gaps: 100/200/300/400µm
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