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Esiproof - Anilox Roller


Hand Anilox Roller with Doctor Blade

RK Esiproof is a precision instrument for producing realistic, high quality flexographic proofs. Applications include colour proofing for both customer approval and spectrophotometer readings. Use of a doctor blade enables the proofing of all flexo inks, including high viscosity, UV curing. Both steel and ceramic anilox rollers are easily interchangeable.

  • Single screen or banded ceramic anilox rollers available.
  • All commercial inks and substrates can be accurately proofed.
  • Compact size makes it ideal for on site troubleshooting.
Order Id
Esiproof Micrometer System - Steel Anilox
Esiproof Micrometer System - Ceramic Anilox
Esiproof Spring System - Steel Anilox
Esiproof Spring System - Ceramic Anilox
Esiproof Plain Rubber Roller
Esiproof QCH Engraved Anilox Roller
Esiproof Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Roller
Esiproof Laser Engraved Ceramic 2-band Anilox Roller
Esiproof Laser Engraved Ceramic 3-band Anilox Roller
Esiproof Blank Anilox Roller
Esiproof spare doctor blades (10 pcs)

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