Dispersion under vacuum with various containers in a vacuum chamber.
Optional: explosion proofness, scraper system

The DISPERMAT® VE is a special dissolver for laboratory use as well as for dispersing larger product quantities. This DISPERMAT® VE is unique due to the fact that vacuum operation can be executed with any container, not necessarily with a vacuum container.
The product containers can be single or double walled, it is also possible to use thin-walled disposable containers. The height of the milling tool can be adjusted also during the dispersion process. The DISPERMAT® VE is also available in an explosion proof version according to ATEX.
The DISPERMAT® VE is also available with an optional scraper system.

Dissolver DISPERMAT® VE3
0,1 - 2,5 litre
0 - 6000 rpm
7,4 Nm
2,2 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® VE10
0,2 - 7 litre
0 - 6000 rpm
7,4 Nm
2,2 kW
Unique features of DISPERMAT® VE
  • height adjustment of the dissolver disc even during vacuum operation
  • stand with electric height adjustment
  • Ability to work with any container including thin-walled disposable paint cans
  • vacuum cover with viewing glass, LED illumination
  • options: explosion proof (ATEX), scraper system
Scraper system for dispersing high viscosity substances

For highly viscous and non flowing substances, a scraper system can be added to the DISPERMAT® VE vacuum dissolver. The scraper arm can be changed very easily when changing the container.

Control Panel of DISPERMAT® VE

For every task the suitable process control. The dissolver DISPERMAT® VE is available with C, C-EX or M-EX control.

C or C-EX Technology
  • Graphic display with indication of speed, torque, power, product temperature, timer, periphical speed and height of the dispersing tool
  • Data recording with graphical indication
  • Switch-off function for parameters as temperature, speed, power, etc.
  • 100 individual PRESET configurations
  • Data interface to WINDISP 7 Software
M-EX Technology
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Digital speed indication
  • Explosion-proof according to ATEX
  • Electric height adjustment

DISPERMAT® VE includes all necessary safety devices according to CE standards and local work safety legislations.

Dispersion containers and dissolver discs for DISPERMAT® VE

Selection Guide for dispersion containers and dissolver discs for your DISPERMAT due to speed and power configuration

Dissolver Type
Dispersion Containers
Dissolver Discs
Dissolver DISPERMAT® VE3
0,25 - 3 litre
Ø = 40 - 90 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® VE10
0,5 - 10 litre
Ø = 50 - 80 mm
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