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Explosion proof laboratory dissolver for zone 2 with electric height adjustment for product quantities up to 5 litre

The DISPERMAT® LC-EX dissolvers are designed specifically for laboratory dispersion work in hazardous areas where ATEX approved machines are required.
Uygun fiyatlı DISPERMAT®The new competitive models DISPERMAT® LC-EX are explosion proof laboratory dissolvers according to explosion class Zone 2, II3 IIB T3. The instruments have integrated control panels and contain all essential explosion proof controls for easy operation of the unit: ON/OFF switch, potentiometer for an infinitely speed adjustment and a switch for operating the electric height adjustment. Due to the integrated explosion proof safety device consisting of the container clamping system (LC25-EX: container clamping system), the working height monitoring of the dispersion tool and the shaft protection pipe, a safe and comfortable work with the laboratory dissolvers DISPERMAT® LC25-EX, LC55-EX and LC75-EX is assured.
The separate control cabinet with the power electronics is situated outside the hazardous area.

Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC25-EX
0,25 - 1,5 litre
0 - 12000 rpm
0,4 Nm
0,25 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC55-EX
0,25 - 3 litre
0 - 12000 rpm
0,9 Nm
0,55 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC75-EX
0,25 - 5 litre
0 - 12000 rpm
1,2 Nm
0,75 kW
LC-Technology Control Panel
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • ON-OFF switch
  • Explosion-proof according to ATEX

DISPERMAT® CA includes all necessary safety devices according to CE standards and local work safety legislations.

Accessories for the dissolver DISPERMAT® CA

Modular dispersion and fine grinding systems for DISPERMAT® dissolver.

Innovation made in Germany: The dissolver DISPERMAT® CA can also be used with the modular dispersion and fine grinding systems as a vacuum dissolver, bead mill, basket mill, homogeniser.

Dispersion containers and dissolver discs for DISPERMAT® LC-EX

Selection Guide for dispersion containers and dissolver discs for your DISPERMAT due to speed and power configuration

Dissolver Type
Dispersion Containers
Dissolver Discs
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC25-EX
0,5 - 3 litre
Ø = 20 - 60 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC55-EX
0,5 - 5 litre
Ø = 20 - 80 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC75-EX
0,5 - 10 litre
Ø = 20 - 100 mm

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