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The new economy class dissolvers up to 4 kW

The DISPERMAT® LC is an universal laboratory and pilot plant dissolver which is characterised by its wide power range, making it suitable for small as well as larger product quantities. The newly designed control panel with a stainless steel housing, plastic foil keyboard and with a digital speed indication and an user friendly timer function with digital indication of the pre adjusted as well as the elapsed dispersion time. The quiet high quality motor allows for quiet running even at a high speed. Starting with the DISPERMAT® LC55 the dissolvers are fitted with a safety device in accordance with the machine directive 2006/42/EG providing highest safety at the workplace. According to the application the DISPERMAT® LC dissolver can be converted into a bead mill, basket mill, vacuum dissolver, homogenizer and dissolver for high viscose products with the adaptable dispersion and milling systems.
The DISPERMAT® LC dissolvers are economic entry-level dissolvers with a high performance range in the proven VMA-GETZMANN quality.

Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC30
50ml - 1 litre
0 - 20000 rpm
0,4 Nm
0,3 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC55
50ml - 3 litre
0 - 20000 rpm
0,6 Nm
0,55 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC75
50ml - 5 litre
0 - 20000 rpm
0,8 Nm
0,75 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC110-12
0,25 - 10 litre
0 - 12000 rpm
1,8 Nm
1,1 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC110-6
0,5 - 15 litre
0 - 6000 rpm
3,6 Nm
1,1 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC220-12
0,25 - 15 litre
0 - 12000 rpm
3,6 Nm
2,2 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC220-6
0,5 - 30 litre
0 - 6000 rpm
7,2 Nm
2,2 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC300
1,5 - 30 litre
0 - 6000 rpm
10 Nm
3,0 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC400
1,5 - 40 litre
0 - 6000 rpm
13,7 Nm
4,0 kW
DISPERMAT® LC30 - LC75 Dissolvers

The DISPERMAT® LC30 - LC75 dissolvers are particularly powerfull and economic entry-level dissolvers for dispersing, homgenizing, stirring, emulsifying, suspending and fine grinding purposes in the laboratory. The adaptive turn sensitive speed control is used to adjust the motor speed from 0 to 20000 rpm. The speed is shown in a clear digital display. The DISPERMAT® LC30 dissolver is fitted with easy to use clamping arms. Starting with the DISPERMAT® LC55 the LC dissolvers are fitted central ZBS clamping device which automatically postions the container centrally and securely directly underneath the motor. The polished stand rods ensure that the manual height adjustment is simple and very smooth to operate . The quiet running motors used for the LC30 - LC75 aboratory dissolvers do not require separate ventilation as any heat generated during operation is dissipated safely via the surface of the motor housing. This guarantees that the motors run very quitely even at high speed.

DISPERMAT® LC110 - LC220 dissolvers are now available with electric height adjustment

The powerful laboratory and pilot plant DISPERMAT® LC110 - LC220 dissolvers are now fitted with electric height adjustment. The high quality operator control panel within an ergonomic stainless steel housing can be placed in a convenient position next to the dissolver.

DISPERMAT® LC300 - LC400 Dissolvers

In addition to the LC100 to LC220 models the DISPERMAT® LC300 - LC400 dissolvers are fitted with the latest robust high-quality electric height adjustable stands. The new user friendly ultra-flat, easy to clean control panel with plastic foil keyboard and clear display has a stainless steel housing and is convinently mounted on the dissolver stand.

LC-Technology Control Panel
  • Variable speed adjustment
    precise speed control with adaptive turn smart knob
  • Digital Speed Indication
  • Timer function
    Timer function with digital display of the pre–selected time as well as the elapsed time

DISPERMAT® LC55-LC400 includes all necessary safety devices according to CE standards and local work safety legislations.

Accessories for the dissolver DISPERMAT® LC

Modular dispersion and fine grinding systems for DISPERMAT® dissolver.

Innovation made in Germany: The dissolver DISPERMAT® LC can also be used with the modular dispersion and fine grinding systems as a vacuum dissolver, bead mill, basket mill, homogeniser and dissolver for high viscous products.

Dispersion containers and dissolver discs for DISPERMAT® LC

Selection Guide for dispersion containers and dissolver discs for your DISPERMAT due to speed and power configuration

Dissolver Type
Dispersion Containers
Dissolver Discs
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 30
0,125 - 3 litre
Ø = 20 - 60 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 55
0,125 - 5 litre
Ø = 20 - 80 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 75
0,125 - 10 litre
Ø = 20 - 100 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 110-12
0,5 - 15 litre
Ø = 40 - 125 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 110-6
1 - 25 litre
Ø = 60 - 150 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 220-12
0,5 - 25 litre
Ø = 40 - 150 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 220-6
1 - 40 litre
Ø = 60 - 175 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 300
3 - 50 litre
Ø = 70 - 250 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC 400
3 - 75 litre
Ø = 70 - 300 mm

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