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for dispersing 50 ml – 14 litres
Dissolver for repeatable dispersion with data interface for documentation and analysis

The DISPERMAT® CA is a compact dissolver. It easy to handle and has an electrical height adjustment. The motor is conductive cooled and is extremely quiet during operation. The high speed motor develops high torque even when running at low speed. The DISPERMAT® CA can be used as a dissolver as well as a vertical bead mill or a basketmill.

Dissolver DISPERMAT® CA20
50ml - 3 litre
0 - 20000 rpm
0,5 Nm
0,55 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® CA40
50ml - 8 litre
0 - 20000 rpm
1,5 Nm
1,5 kW
Dissolver DISPERMAT® CA60
50ml - 14 litre
0 - 20000 rpm
2,5 Nm
2,5 kW
C-Technology Kontrol Paneli

DISPERMAT® CA dissolvers are equipped with C-Technology Control Panel for full process control.

  • Graphic display
    indications of speed, torque, power, product temperature, timer , peripheral speed and height of the dispersing tool
  • Repeatability
    dispersion method: constant speed and constant power input for an optimum repeatability
  • Data recording
    recording of the process parameters with graphical indication
  • Switch-off parameters
    Switch-off function for temperature, speed, torque and power
  • Database
    100 individual PRESET configurations for H1, H2, speed, timer, switch-off parameters etc.
  • Power compensation
    calibration of the net power
  • Height measurement
    adjustable working range for different container sizes
    Data interface to WINDISP 7© software for documentation, analyses, research and development and quality control

DISPERMAT® CA includes all necessary safety devices according to CE standards and local work safety legislations.

Accessories for the dissolver DISPERMAT® CA

Modular dispersion and fine grinding systems for DISPERMAT® dissolver.

Innovation made in Germany: The dissolver DISPERMAT® CA can also be used with the modular dispersion and fine grinding systems as a vacuum dissolver, bead mill, basket mill, homogeniser and dissolver for high viscous products.

Dispersion containers and dissolver discs for DISPERMAT® CA

Selection Guide for dispersion containers and dissolver discs for your DISPERMAT due to speed and power configuration

Dissolver Type
Dispersion Containers
Dissolver Discs
Dissolver DISPERMAT® CA20
0,125 - 5 litre
Ø = 20 - 80 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® CA40
0,125 - 15 litre
Ø = 20 - 125 mm
Dissolver DISPERMAT® CA60
0,125 - 20 litre
Ø = 20 - 150 mm

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