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Bead Mill - Dispermat SL-B

DISPERMAT® SL-B bead mill

Compact horizontal laboratory bead mill. Option: explosion proof according to ATEX

The new DISPERMAT® SL-B horizontal bead mill is based on the proven SL bead mill technology. It is designed with an integrated millbase circulation system which means there are no external pumps to clean. The speed is infinitely adjustable via a controller located in a separate stainless steel housing. There is a clear digital display showing speed, torque and timer functions; the product temperature is shown on the temperature gauge located on the milling chamber. Milling beads 0.8 mm and larger. The is pumped through the horizontal milling chamber by a specially designed screw pump which is connected to the milling rotor. The DISPERMAT® SL-B can be used for both the single pass milling method and for the circulation milling method. With either method, an extremely high product yield is achieved due to any mill base remaining inside the milling chamber at the end of the process being pressed out by an integrated press out device. That is why the DISPERMAT® SL-B bead mill is ideally suited to research, development and quality management requirements. An explosion proof ATEX approved version is also available.

Milling Chamber
0,15-0,75 litre
0,125 litre
0-6000 rpm
1,1 kW

The bead mill DISPERMAT® SL-B is supplied with VITON (FKM – rubber) O-rings as standard. Alternatively EPDM (ethylene propylene) O-rings can be fitted at no extra charge. If VITON or EPDM is not compatible with the products being milled, O-rings made from one of the following perfluoroelastomeres are recommended: KALREZ®, CHEMRAZ®, PERLAST®. A detailed resistance list can be found in our range of accessories. Forward to the resistance list »

LC-Technology Control Panel
  • Variable speed adjustment
    precise speed control with adaptive turn smart knob
  • Digital Speed Indication
  • Timer function
    Timer function with digital display of the pre–selected time as well as the elapsed time

DISPERMAT® SL-B12 includes all necessary safety devices according to CE standards and local work safety legislations.

Fine grinding with the compact SL-B bead mill
  • Easy and fast development of products
  • Milling chamber made of wear resistant, high-alloy stainless steel, milling rotor made of hardened nitrided steel
  • Millbase separation with dynamic gap
  • Shaft sealing with mechanical seal
  • Barrier pressure system with integrated cooling
  • Low dead volume
  • Extremely high product yield allows the dispersion of even the smallest quantities
  • optimum temperature control due to guided cooling water system and large heat exchange surfaces
  • Connection for cooling water with two convenient quick lock self sealing couplings
  • Suitable for all commonly used milling beads, glass, zirconium oxide etc. from 0.8 mm diameter
  • user friendly and safe handling
  • Easy cleaning enables quick product changes
  • Choice of single pass milling and multi pass milling -
  • Dispersion of flowing and non-flowing products
  • High mechanical power input enables processing of difficult to disperse products
For the conveyance of non flowable and high viscous substances through the bead mill the feeding press FP is used. Forward to thefeeding press FP »

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