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Bead Mill - Dispermat SL

DISPERMAT® SL bead mill

Horizontal bead mill for repeatable fine grinding for laboratory and pilot plant.
Option: Explosion-proof according to ATEX

DISPERMAT® SL laboratory and pilot plant mills are closed, horizontal bead mills with high output and extremely low dead volumes in the mill base inlet and outlet pipes. During the dispersion process, the product is fed through the horizontal milling chamber and continuously dispersed. The DISPERMAT® SL bead mill can be used for the pass as well as for the re-circulation process. After dispersion, the integrated air pressure system presses the remaining mill base out of the milling chamber which allows an complete recovery of the dispersed material.
Due to minimised dead volumes even the smallest quantities can be dispersed with high yield. Thus, the DISPERMAT® SL is an ideal tool for research, development and quality control. Also, larger quantities can be processed within a very short period of time. In order to minimise the product loss, the mill base is transported directly from the supply vessel into the milling chamber. The dispersed product passes through the mill base separation (dynamic gap) and is recovered either in a vessel (pass method) or flows back into the supply vessel (re-circulation method).

Milling Chamber
0,05-0,75 litre
50 ml
0-6000 rpm
1,1 kW
Bead-Mill DISPERMAT® SL-12
0,15-0,75 litre
125 ml
0-6000 rpm
1,1 kW
Bead-Mill DISPERMAT® SL-25
0,3-2,5 litre
250 ml
0-6000 rpm
2,2 kW
Bead-Mill DISPERMAT® SL-50
0,5-10 litre
500 ml
0-6000 rpm
2,2 kW
Bead-Mill DISPERMAT® SL-100
1-20 litre
1000 ml
0-3000 rpm
3 kW
Bead-Mill DISPERMAT® SL-200
2-50 litre
2000 ml
0-3000 rpm
4 kW
Wet milling from 50 ml to 50 l
  • Quick and cost-effective of new formulations due to exact repeatability of dispersions.
  • Quick and reliable transfer of laboratory development into production because of quantitative knowledge of the required mechanical power input.
  • Quality control and assurance of production.
  • Efficient control of incoming raw materials by measuring product properties relevant for the application.
The multi-purpose bead mill DISPERMAT® SL:
  • One-pass-procedure and continuous pass procedure
  • Circulation procedure with integrated pumping- and stirring system
  • Dispersion of flowing and non-flowing products
  • High mechanical power input permits processing of difficult to disperse products.
Diagrammatic view of the bead mill DISPERMAT® SL:
pumping and stirring system*
supply vessel
milling system
* the bead mill DISPERMAT SL with M-control is fitted with a pumping and stirring system as an optional accessory.

The milling system is made of wear resisting, high-alloy special steel. As an option it is also available made of:

Zirconium oxide
  • No metallic abrasion
  • No colour deviation
Silicium carbide
  • Very good caloric conductibility
  • No metallic abrasion
Hard metal
  • Good caloric conductibility
  • Suitable for high abrasive media

The bead mill DISPERMAT® SL is supplied with VITON (FKM – rubber) O-rings as standard. Alternatively EPDM (ethylene propylene) O-rings can be fitted at no extra charge. If VITON or EPDM is not compatible with the products being milled, O-rings made from one of the following perfluoroelastomeres are recommended: KALREZ®, CHEMRAZ®, PERLAST®. A detailed resistance list can be found in our range of accessories. Forward to the resistance list »

Control System for DISPERMAT® SL

For every challenge the suitable process control. The DISPERMAT® SL can be equipped with different control systems. For example:

C and C-EX technology
  • Graphic display
    indications of speed, torque, power, product temperature, timer , peripheral speed and height of the dispersing tool
  • Repeatability
    dispersion method: constant speed and constant power input for an optimum repeatability
  • Data recording
    recording of the process parameters with graphical indication
  • Switch-off parameters
    Switch-off function for temperature, speed, torque and power
  • Database
    100 individual PRESET configurations for H1, H2, speed, timer, switch-off parameters etc.
  • Power compensation
    calibration of the net power
  • Height measurement
    adjustable working range for different container sizes
    Data interface to WINDISP 7© software for documentation, analyses, research and development and quality control

DISPERMAT® SL includes all necessary safety devices according to CE standards and local work safety legislations.

Accessories for the dissolver DISPERMAT® SL

Polyamide or stainless steel supply vessels.
Sizes available: 1, 3 and 5 litres
Stainless steel double walled temperature control supply vessels, for cooling or heating the product.
Sizes available: 1 and 3 litres
Pumping and stirring systems for the closed circulation method.
Sizes available: for 1, 3 and 5 litres supply vessels.
For the conveyance of non flowable and high viscous substances through the bead mill the feeding press FP is used. Forward to thefeeding press FP »

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