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Software - WinDisp 7

Software - WINDISP 7

Dispersing and fine grinding under controlled conditions in laboratory, pilot plant and production

  • permanent data protection of all measured values
  • export function of the measured values to Microsoft™ Excel™
  • graphical display of two dispersions to compare saved data with new recorded data
  • notepad function
  • free scaling of x and timer axis
  • german/english
  • speed adjustment by timer possible
  • download and upload for C-control
  • control of the DISPERMAT via a PC
  • cursor function to show measured values
  • bidirectional data transfer
Documentation, analysis and presentation of the dispersion
  1. complete documentation for the quality control, research and development
  2. simple presentation of measured values by data export to Excel
  3. detailed evaluation of all measured values
  4. comfortable control of your DISPERMAT® dissolvers via the software including data upload function

The powerful and user friendly software WINDISP-7© allows easy recording of all dispersion parameters for all DISPERMAT® dissolvers and bead mills with M, C and C-EX control panels. Displaying in real-time, allows the user to know trends in the dispersion parameters. With the WINDISP-7© software the user has a powerful tool with which to record, present and export the dispersion data.

Parameters which are recorded during dispersion:
  • Speed [rpm]
  • Torque [Nm]
  • Power [P]
  • Peripheral speed [m/s]
  • Temperature [°C]
  • Work [Wh]
  • Height of the dispersion or stirring tool [mm]
  • Dispersion time [h] [min] [sec]
Comparison of dispersion and milling results

Using the graphical display of the recorded values, a quick evaluation of the dispersion can be made. In addition the cursor can be used to indicate the exact values at any point on the graph. With the WINDISP-7© curves can be overlayed in order to compare saved data with new or recorded data. By using the same scales, the slightest difference between the curves can be observed.

Furthermore, WINDISP-7© has the possibility to download data that has been stored directly in the C-electronics. All of the dispersion data can be viewed using WINDISP-7©, it also can be exported to a spread sheet program for further analysis.

Dispersion with automatic temperature limitation

A maximum dispersion temperature is specified for many formulations. If the mill base gets too hot individual components can be destroyed, or lost through evaporation. When dispersing with a dissolver the best results are achieved when the doughnut flow pattern is present.

Under these conditions you will have a high energy input which increases the temperature of the mill base. When dispersing with a bead mill the high energy input also results in a temperature increase of the mill base. Cooled double walled containers and milling chambers are used to avoid high product temperature being reached during dispersion with a dissolver or bead mill.

The WINDISP-7© temperature limitation function allows the user to select a maximum dispersion temperature that can be reached without damaging the formulation. Under certain conditions the critical temperature is not reached as the balance between the energy input into the dispersion and the cooling is reached at a lower temperature. Should the pre-selected temperature be reached, the speed is automatically reduced. This function guarantees maximum power input into the mill base without exceeding the critical formulation temperature. These dispersion processes are also completely documented by WINDISP-7©.

DISPERMAT® control via a PC

With WINDISP-7© the main functions of the DISPERMAT® can be activated from the user screen.

  • different control systems:
    1. constant speed
    2. constant mechanical power
    3. constant temperature
  • timer countdown
  • timer reset
  • change to 2nd speed after pre- selected time
  • +/- button for speed and power adjustment
  • online/offline button (start of recording)

Up- and download between the DISPERMAT® C-control and the PC

WINDISP-7© enables dispersion parameter sets to be uploaded and downloaded between the DISPERMAT® C-control and the PC. Multiple database parameter sets can be created, edited and saved using WINDISP-7©.

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