Container Clamping Systems

Container clamping systems

Clamping device for thin-walled, cylindric and conical containers

The clamping device KB and HS allow for a safe fixing of thin-walled disposable containers. Due to the fact that the safety switch in the standard clamping device switches clamping pressure controlled, disposable containers made of plastic or thin sheet steel would be crushed by clamping the container.

Container clamping system KB

The conical container is pushed into the conical container receptacle. The KB clamping device is suitable for safe clamping of thin-walled conical containers (such as yoghurt pots and similar items).

Container clamping system HS

With the central container clamping system, the cylindrical container is fastened. The HS clamping device consists of two semi-circular container clamps for fastening thin walled containers (such as cans and similar items). The HS clamping device can also be double walled for heating or cooling.

Both clamping systems are made to customer specifications. Please send us your sample cup or a drawing and ask for an estimate. Contact form »

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