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Feeding Presses

Feeding press FP for the bead mill DISPERMAT® SL and SL-nano for conveying high viscous products

To process high viscosity and non-flowing materials with the bead mill, the feeding press system is required.

The feeding press with integral control panel uses a pressure piston to force the product through the milling chamber. The DISPERMAT® SL supply vessel is removed and replaced with a solid stainless steel vessel (capacity 500 ml or 1000 ml). After pouring the material into the vessel (if necessary, with a spatula), the press is attached to the vessel with a quick clamping ring.

The lifting/lowering speed of the pressure piston can be infinitely adjusted so that the flow rate of the material to be processed can be accurately set. When the piston reaches its lowest point, the press switches off automatically.The piston is raised and the press is moved aside after loosening the quick clamping ring. If a foil is placed between the vessel and piston prior to starting, the pressure piston does not require cleaning.

Order Id
Feeding Press
Supply vessel volume
Flow Rate
Feeding Press FP 80
500 ml
1.5 - 5 ml/s
Feeding Press FP 80 EX (explosion proof version)
500 ml
1.5 - 5 ml/s
Feeding Press FP 100
1000 ml
2 - 10 ml/s
Feeding Press FP 100 EX (explosion proof version)
1000 ml
2 - 10 ml/s

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