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Special Units

Special Units

Flexible design

Constasal® S 400 M-TR
special design lid

Liebisch realizes that customers will need special modifications to standard models to meet their test requirements. For most of your individual requirements our technical engineers will find economical answers. For example:

  • modified door, lid and handle designs
  • individually designed sample holders
  • adaptation of the drain systems to suit architectural conditions
  • special cable ports

This modified model of a 400 litre salt spray chest is equipped with a transparent lid. A mechanical lifting device moves the lid vertically. With this the user can load the test room from two sides and observe the samples on all sides. Additionally the test room volume increases to 600 litres.

Constamatic® G

Constamatic® KBG 400 A-TR

The KBG 400 / 1000 A-SC was specially developed for condensation water tests with Sulphur dioxide. The most excellent feature of this unit with 400 litre test chamber volume is the automatic gas dosing system.

With this system the control and the test programmer is fully automatic. At start of the test the required gas volume is introduced through a calibrated dosing system into the chamber. With this unit you can perform long-term tests e.g. according to DIN 50018 without any operator interventions.

For safe storage the Sulphur dioxide mini steel cylinder is located in a separate, lockable and automatically ventilated area.

Alternative system: Constanzo KB & Gasomat


Dippomat® KDIP 1000 A-TR

This patented chest type unit was developed for performing alternate immersion tests in a condensation water climate (DIN EN 3212). The samples have to be immersed alternately into a buffered NaCl solution and then exposed to the condensation water atmosphere.

In the test chamber the unit has three independently programmable drive shafts on which are attached the sample mounting systems.

The complete dippings mechanics consist of high-quality plastic material and excludes any reaction with the specimen. Bottom plate and shaft are easy to dismantle and ensure easy cleaning of the test chamber.

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