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Accessories / Options

Accessories - Options

for corrosion testing chambers (essence)

Compressor incl. automatic drainage system
Sound-dampened, dry-running compressor to supply one test chamber. By using such a compressor an air service kit (s. below) is not necessary.

Order Id 1100 0022

Air service kit
High capacity filter with pressure controller and manometer to remove air from oil, water and other dirt from the compressed air.

Sipariş No. 1100 0009

Dosing pump for test solution
Programmable precision dosing pump for NaCl test solution, for accurate, pulse-free precision spraying of the test solution in the test chamber.
Only available for automatic units A-SC and A-TR!

Order Id1000 0060

Dosing pump for test solution
Specification as above, only for manual units M-SC and M-TR!

Order Id1000 0061

Deioniser 2000
Pressure-proof deioniser. Two cartridge system complete with water pipework system and conductivity meter. Capacity approx. 2000 litres.

Order Id 1100 0019

Deioniser 4500
Specifications as above, capacity 4500 litres, recommended for units with test chamber volume from 1000 litre.

Order Id 1100 0025

Gas dosing unit Gasomat 2000
Full plastic design for manual dosing of SO2 from pressure bottles for gas quantities of 200 - 2000 ml. The unit is provided for use with desk type units K...300 (series Constanzo® ). Picture here with accessories!

Order Id 1100 0003

Gas dosing unit Gasomat 200
Specifications as above, for gas quantities 50 - 200 ml.

Order Id 1100 0004

Pressure reducer for Sulphur dioxide
with primary and secondary pressure gauge (adjustable).

Order Id1100 0010

Round mixing/storage vessel with lid
For the preparation and storage of NaCl test solution, volume: approx. 200 l, seamless plastic construction (NPE nature).
(Picture here with Undercarriage, Order No. 1100 0031)

Order Id 1100 0030

Drum pump
Top entry centrifugal pump for filling and mixing of liquids. Maximum immersed lenght: 650 mm.

Order Id 1100 0011

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