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Spectrophotometers - Color Measuring and Matching

EasyQC - Mix2Match

Color Measuring & Matching

NS800/NS810 Spectrophotometer

NS800/810 brings together the new cost effective technologies with the hi-end spectrophotometers. NS800/NS810 can measure the color and density of the various painted or printed surfaces like paper, textile, or metal. Xenon daylight flash of the device enables you to measure floureacence exactly as you observe in real daylight.


Easy-QC is a quality control software which can be connected to most of the color measurement instruments available. It works under Windows® from Microsoft® using its flexibility for the presentation of results and makes it easy to use.

Colorimetric Norms

It uses all norms available to determine color difference systems « Lab, LabCh 76, 94 and 2000, CMC, LabHunter, CIELuv, CIELuvCh, UCSCIE-64, CIEXYZ, FMCII, CIEYxy, NBS », light sources « A, B, C, D50, D65, D75, F, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12, W »and observers « 2° & 10° ».


In addition to EasyQC quality control software's all capibilities, Mix2Match is a advanced computer aided color matching software which enables easy color formulation. After characterisation of the pigments or pastes, the standard color which measured by SpectroCam, formulation can be easily calculated using your own raw materials.

Order Id
Spectrophotometer NS800, 45/0°, 8mm aperture
Spectrophotometer NS810, D/8 Sphere, 8mm aperture
X-rite i1 Basic Pro2 + EasyQC Color Quality Control Software
Spectrophotometer Spectroguide 45/0
NS800 Spectrophotometer + EasyQC Color Quality Control Software
X-rite i1-Pro + Mix2Match Color Formulation Software
NS810 Spectrophotometer + Mix2Match Color Formulation Software
Mix2Match Color Formulation Software

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