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About Us

Who we are

Raw materials... Dispersion Equipment...Quality Control Testing Devices...

Founded in 1990, Kar Kimya has been offering service to manufacturers, especially in paint, ink and coating related industries; in order to help them for their search of higher quality.

In this context, we represent Europe-based companies and distribute their high quality raw material and equipment, and offers the products which only has been filtered by our own quality standards to our precious customers

With aspiration of providing the best quality with the fastest and most effordable ways, main motto of our company is "to never suggest any product to the customers, that we ourselves would never use".

Paint, Powder Coating and Ink Industries42%

Automotive, White goods & Aviation15%

Packaging and Film Conversion25%


What we do

Tell us about your projects, let us help you to find out the optimum list of your needs.

Raw Materials

Sophisticated binders for paints, lacks, and printing inks, special additives, functional pigments.


Dissolvers, vacuum dissolvers, beadmills, basketmills, homogenizers and stirrers for laboratory and production


Salt Spray, Condensed water and Cyclic Corrosion Testing Equipments

Viscosity & Rheology

Either a simple flow cup, or rotational viscometers and rheometers with high shear rate for sophisticated thixotropy analysis

Film Application and Sample Preparation

Prepress proofing equipment for Ink Producers and Rotogravure/Flexo Printers, and various types of film applicators.

Appearance Testing Equipment

Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers, Color Measurement, QC and Formulation Softwares, Gloss, Haze, DOI & Hiding Power meters

Physical Testing Devices for Paints

Testing Equipment for Adhesion, Film Hardness, Elasticity, Film Thickness, etc.

General Laboratory Instruments

General Laboratory devices which are being used in paint R&D and QC laboratory, like laboratory ovens, pH-meters, conductivitymeters, precision balances etc.


Other specific testing and measurement instruments for paint and coating industries: MFFT-Bar, Oven temperature profilers, humidity and dewpoint meter, etc.

Do you have a project? We are here to help!

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