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What we can do for you!

Thanks to the support of our suppliers which are all located in EU and US, we are here to make things easier for you with getting the best quality products and services. More than 30 years, we take the pride in delivering only the best.

Tailor Made Design

Thnaks to the flexible structure of our principals, we can develop custom solutions to your requirements. Resins developed for you or machines designed for your needs, or testing equipment tailored due to your requests.

Latest Technologies

Our suppliers apply the latest technologies and up to date standards as soon as they are available. With newly developped raw materials, we prepare you for tommorrow, With newly designed testing equipments we enable you to test your products with tomorrows requirements.

Affordable Solutions

We are aware that we are not known on the market with our cheap prices. However many units supplied in early 90's including many DISPERMAT®'s and many Constamatic/Constasal Corrosion Testing Equipments are still in service without any problem. Thanks to the liability of our suppliers, most of the times we are able to service equipments which has been sold 30 years ago in order to provide long term economic advantage to our customers.

Fast Service

There are ten thousands of different products in our portoflio, so that it is impossible to stock everything. However we provide a large range of product stock in Istanbul in order to fast respond to your requirements. Thanks to our fast suppliers we can also supply non-stock goods in a very short period

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